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Virtutem’s 10 Year Anniversary

Alwyn Francis established the company that is now known as Virtutem in 2008. The company soon became the premier consultants offering ERP services in North America for Infor’s LX, BPCS, and PRMS products. Mr. Francis assembled a team of highly qualified managers, consultants, and technologists in these and other ERP software platforms.

This week marks Virtutem’s ten year Anniversary. We took a moment to ask Alwyn Francis a few questions about the journey of the company:

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ERP Expert Answers Most Common Questions on ERP Implementation

The Virtutem team was lucky to have a chance to speak with Liz Quirk of Solutions Review. We wanted to ask her view on some of the most common questions we’ve heard since publishing our article ERP Implementation Tips for Overcoming In-House Operational Challenges and Resistance to Organizational Cultural Change.

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Technology Transforms the Way Everyone – From TV Viewers to Business Leaders – Consume Information

Are your television viewing habits the same in 2018 as they were in 2008? Chances are, the answer is a definitive “no.” By looking at all sorts of data from multiple sources, breaking it apart and putting it back together in any way you see fit, you will note obvious trends in how people of all ages now prefer to consume their favorite programs.

Don’t get the wrong idea: we are not devoting this space to an analysis of the public’s viewing habits. What interests us are the societal trends of how people in general – and business leaders in particular – consume information.

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Employee Buy-In Essential for Successful ERP Implementation

The continuing viability of your business has always been dependent on a willingness to adapt to changing market trends and take advantage of new economic realities. As a decision-maker, it is often your responsibility to advocate on behalf of fresh approaches that, at first glance, may not always appear to be in the best interests of other stakeholders in the organization.

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ERP as the Centerpiece of Successful Digital Transformation Strategy

Presenting a concise definition for a term as broad as “digital transformation” is asking a lot. But if that’s the challenge, we offer three responses: (1) connectivity, (2) automation, and (3) operational effectiveness.

You already know that there’s much more to it than that. We could spend this entire blog trying to develop an all-encompassing definition, but we’d be wasting our time and (more importantly) yours.

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