Zoho Analytics COVID-19 Dashboards

The VIRTUTEM Web Engineering Team has created a series of Zoho Analytics Dashboards showcasing the global scale of the Novel Coronavirus (SARS-NoV-2, aka, COVID-19).

The first three dashboards are available on our website here:

On Friday, our partners at Zoho published a series of Zoho Analytics Dashboards regarding COVID-19 and invited partners to clone and further develop, which is where we started.

Utilizing our experience with Zoho Analytics and a full technology stack (including Python, AWS, and the like), the VIRTUTEM Web Engineering Team augmented the Zoho Dashboards with our series of dashboards providing a more in-depth look into this pandemic and how it affects people everywhere.

Once our Web Engineering team accumulated the data from the various datasets, we were able to utilize Zoho Analytics to present the data in a meaningful way.

Our data sources are; European Centre for Disease Prevention and ControlThe Center for Systems Science and Engineering (CSSE) at Johns Hopkins UniversityGlobal Coronavirus Data by EnigmaWorldOMeters Coronavirus Project, and The COVID Tracking Project in the United States. These datasets are updated periodically throughout the day on their schedules, and our data may not always synchronize across the different sources of information. 

VIRTUTEM can help your organization visually analyze data from multiple sources in a centralized repository. Zoho Analytics enables the tracking and sharing of key performance indicators with your organization for in-depth data analysis and collaboration.

Sign up here for your own Zoho Analytics account, and we can help you get started.