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Our focus on PRMS is driven by the many years our consultants spent supporting this product from the early days as part of the development and support team at PCR through the many acquisitions up to and including Infor Global Solutions. Furthermore, our consultants also spent many years working with PRMS as end users, giving them a perspective that time after time proves to be invaluable when working with users. 

Our knowledge of PRMS is both extensive and profound. Although the most current major release of PRMS is the version many companies are using, other are still using prior versions. As with any ERP software that has been in use for such a long period of time, there is an ongoing need to retrain and educate staff.

Questions about improving manufacturing fundamentals and modernizing PRMS are constantly being posed to upper-level management and VIRTUTEM has prepared a broad range of PRMS services designed to help improve PRMS in support of a company’s goals and initiatives.

VIRTUTEM has the distinction of being “Infor Global Solutions” #1 go-to services partner, for PRMS knowledge and consulting. Our average consultant has over 20 years of PRMS experience, and has either operational management experience, has worked for a PRMS vendor or has worked for an installed PRMS customer. We actively help PRMS companies, upgrade to later releases of PRMS, migrate to ERP LX, or support them while they move to another ERP solution.

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