Key Features Of Modernized IBM I Products

The demand for innovative and efficient ERP solutions has never been more crucial in the ever-evolving manufacturing landscape.

VIRTUTEM and the Infor® LX team have put in the significant effort “to adapt and modernize IBM® i products, integrating modern features that enhance agility, foster open infrastructure, and promote seamless integration.”

We aim to show you how IBM i products are modernizing to unlock their full potential and ensure they cater to evolving business needs.

Fortifying Security Measures

Manufacturers handling valuable intellectual property and sensitive customer data need robust security measures. 

Infor’s approach integrates advanced security measures into the software’s design, such as single sign-on and multi-factor authentication, ensuring a strong defense against potential threats. 

By prioritizing security, manufacturers safeguard their reputation, maintain compliance, and concentrate on operations, confident that their data is protected.

Streamlining Routine Tasks for Enhanced Productivity

IBM i’s emphasis on automation replaces manual tasks with streamlined workflows. 

Role-specific alerts and notifications, coupled with personalized interfaces, enable immediate action. This approach ensures that work orders, exceptions, and late receipts are presented when needed, eliminating time-consuming searches. 

The result is an ERP solution that enhances efficiency, empowers workers, and propels business productivity.

Extensibility for Tailored Solutions

Adapting to unique business needs is crucial, and our focus on extensibility ensures flexibility. 

Leveraging low-code or no-code principles and the Infor Development Framework (IDF) allows users to independently build tools and extensions, reducing IT burdens. 

This approach provides a unified tool to extend application functionality, enhancing data reliability and coherence for better business intelligence.

Seamless Integration for Enhanced Efficiency

Addressing the integration challenge, Infor’s ERP manufacturing software ensures smooth data flow. 

Our approach facilitates superior tech integration throughout the enterprise by connecting core applications with Infor and third-party solutions. This composable application allows independent upgrades, enabling the adoption of new capabilities faster and with minimal disruption.

Avoid a lack of data synchronization, inefficient processes, and poor decision-making with Infor LX.

Simplifying Document Management

Efficient document management is achieved by attaching documents directly to transactions or master data objects, ensuring easy access and contextual viewing, and streamlining compliance and audit tasks. 

This approach minimizes the time and effort typically associated with documentation processes, providing a comprehensive overview of each transaction within the ERP system.

Intuitive User Experience

Infor prioritizes intuitive and user-centric design while simplifying enterprise operations. 

Customization options, including personalized fields and data displays, enhance the user experience. 

With deployment flexibility and hybrid user experiences, users can choose interface versions that suit their preferences. This approach boosts productivity and efficiency.

Mobility for On-the-Go Efficiency

Enhancing mobility, Infor LX allows users to manage approvals and access critical documents via a mobile app. Business processes continue seamlessly, even on the move.

Focusing on convenience and responsiveness, this approach empowers businesses to stay dynamic in today’s fast-paced environment.

Empowering Data-Driven Decisions with Advanced Reporting and Analytics

IBM i’s cloud ERP manufacturing software integrates real-time data insights, advanced analytics, and customizable visualizations, empowering manufacturers to make swift, informed decisions, optimize operations, and foster a culture of data-driven continuous improvement.

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