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BPCS is part of our heritage. Our experience with this software goes back to the earliest versions of the software both in the USA and in Europe. The founder of our company was instrumental in the initiation and development of one of the most successful releases of BPCS in SSA’s history, BPCS CD. Typically our consultants have 20+ years of experience working with the software across many versions, from 2.x through INFOR LX. VIRTUTEM has prepared a broad range of BPCS services that are designed to help improve the use of BPCS in support of a company’s goals and initiatives. 

Today, many companies still use these older versions of BPCS and this generates a true need to retraining and educate personnel. Questions about improving manufacturing fundamentals and modernizing BPCS are constantly being posed to upper-level management. The high cost and risk of implementing a new ERP system leads companies to review functionality in BPCS to improve their operations and bottom line.

When BPCS no longer meets the needs of the business, we commonly see management deciding to make the shift to INFOR LX or other ERP systems.

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Infor LX 8.4 Upgrade Expands Operational & Productivity Boundaries

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