Unlocking Growth And Profits: The Advantages Of Upgrading Infor LX

Infor® LX, a robust ERP solution known for its deep industry functionality, is a crucial tool for manufacturers navigating the dynamic landscape of today’s industries. 

Upgrading to the latest version of Infor LX propels businesses toward faster growth and increased profits.

Modern User Interface for Enhanced Productivity

Upgrading to the latest Infor LX allows users access to a modern, intuitive, and collaborative user interface. 

Based on our State of Infor LX survey results, we’ve learned that companies are hiring younger, so there needs to be a larger emphasis on providing updated interfaces.

Tailored for efficiency, upgraded Infor LX interfaces ensure that employees work in an environment that boosts productivity with easy access to relevant information and automatic alerts.

For a more efficient enterprise, the Infor LX upgrade streamlines operations and saves your business time and money.

Business Collaboration through Infor OS

Leveraging Infor OS’s robust user experience capabilities, the latest upgrade for Infor LX provides a centralized space for collaboration, information sharing, and tracking. 

This promotes real-time access to key operational and administrative applications, enhancing collaboration across the organization. 

You can expect a seamlessly integrated platform that ensures interconnected technologies, facilitating smoother business processes.

Common Development Platform for Continuous Advancements

Infor LX shares the same development platform as Infor’s other IBM® i solutions, allowing users to benefit from new technologies, components, and capabilities.

This shared platform accelerates development resources, enabling user-driven enhancements to be implemented and released more swiftly. 

Upgrading Infor LX keeps your ERP system aligned with evolving industry trends.

Continued Investment in Core Application Enhancements

Infor remains committed to enhancing the core application of Infor LX. 

Recent developments include role-based and business-unit security, improved cost accounting, serial track-and-trace functionality, and an enhanced enterprise general ledger with extensive analytic capabilities. 

The latest release also bolsters Infor LX’s Infor OS integrations, ensuring seamless connectivity with Infor WMS, Infor CRM, Infor Supplier Exchange, and more.

Easy to Upgrade with Infor LX’s Advanced Integration Architecture

The latest version of Infor LX is designed for ease of implementation, maintenance, and upgrade. 

Thanks to its advanced integration architecture and release transparency, businesses seamlessly transition to their updated system. 

Infor LX’s trusted upgrade tooling and methodology minimize disruption, ensuring a quicker time to value for users.


VIRTUTEM, a trusted partner in ERP solutions, specializes in guiding businesses through the upgrade process. 

Their expertise aligns seamlessly with the advanced features of the latest Infor LX, ensuring a smooth transition for businesses seeking to unlock the full potential of their ERP system.


Upgrading to the latest version of Infor LX is not just a technical requirement; it’s a strategic move that positions your business for accelerated growth and increased profits. 

Embracing the modern features, collaborative tools, and ongoing enhancements of Infor LX ensures that your ERP system remains a powerful asset in an ever-evolving industry landscape.

Are you ready to propel your business forward with the latest Infor LX? Upgrade now with confidence and experience the transformative benefits firsthand.