Our Values

Understanding your goals and objectives


In Latin, VIRTUTEM is a derivative of the word “Virtus” and is defined as:

1. Courage, resoluteness
2. Virtue, goodness
3. Character
4. Excellence

And that’s fitting because at VIRTUTEM that’s exactly who we are. VIRTUTEM is a company built on a foundation of integrity, collaboration, and diversity with a mission to leverage technology, processes, and systems to help our clients achieve business excellence.

We know that you want more than an impersonal corporate vendor. You want a partner who is invested in where you want to go and how you want to get there. At VIRTUTEM, we fashion business solutions that are steeped in your goals and your objectives. We’re in it for the long haul because we’re in it for you.

We also know that business is filled with daily decisions that keep you up at night. And while we believe we have solutions to answer those questions, we are focused on more. We see the long-term, the far off, the “if only’s”. We aim to help companies just like yours see the potential of their organizations and move them toward transformation. For us, that’s the goal of true technology—it opens the door for new ways of thinking, doing, and succeeding.

Who We Are

Alwyn Francis established the company that is now known as VIRTUTEM in 2008. The company soon became the premier consulting company offering ERP services in North America for Infor’s LX, BPCS, and PRMS products. Francis assembled a team of highly qualified managers, consultants, and technologists in these and other ERP software platforms. Each team member offers clients a high degree of technical expertise and business knowledge gained from working as IT managers in a wide range of industries; website and applications developers; financial consultants; materials managers; inventory control specialists and more.

Our business is all about processes… databases… servers… hardware. It’s the stuff our business is made of, but we believe there’s so much more. It’s also the insight, the innovation, and the conversation that technology empowers. At VIRTUTEM, we never lose sight of human connections. So for us, no matter what technology you invest in, we know that at the end of the day, we’re all investing in the power of people. And we aim to attract and retain the very best.

Our Values

The VIRTUTEM Way is defined as:

  • Integrity—We are committed to doing the right thing. We stay true to our values in decisions, negotiations, and in communications.
  • Respect—Simply, we treat others as we’d like to be treated. We display respect in each interaction with our clients, our partners, and each other.
  • Business Savvy—We achieve distinction through our work product, our standards, and our operations.
  • Collaboration—We cultivate genuine collaboration in workgroups, across functions, and among leaders.

Working with You

At VIRTUTEM, it’s all about our clients. We keep our focus on understanding what’s important to you, your business, and your success. We build strong relationships based on a deep understanding of what matters to you most. Our strong, client-centered approach differentiates us. To be considered your consultant of choice, we strive to understand you, your business, and your goals. By sharing the ideas and insight of our most senior professionals, we bring our local and global knowledge and resources to your environment so you feel empowered to move forward with confidence.

Social Responsibility

At VIRTUTEM, we take a special approach to giving back to the communities where we work and live. We are focused on operating in a socially and environmentally responsible manner that supports our core values and furthers our strategic priorities.

Diversity and Inclusion

Attaining, retaining, and continually developing a diverse team of talented professionals lies at the heart of our commitment to diversity and inclusion. VIRTUTEM strives to create an inclusive workplace that celebrates the cultural, racial, religious, and orientation differences among our talented employees while enabling them to embrace full ownership of their work and personal lives. This commitment makes us better as a firm, and as individuals.

VIRTUTEM views diversity and inclusion as a continual journey. Each step we take along the path further enhances our ability to develop leadership, integrate cultural differences, improve workforce productivity and exceed the expectations of our clients.

Our Official Statement

VIRTUTEM creates a diverse and inclusive workplace for all employees. Based on our values, we stand with our employees, partners, and clients against any discriminatory practices or laws.