Infor Development Framework: Configure and customize your Infor user interface.

Flexible and Adaptable.

IDF and VIRTUTEM work together to empower users to access updated data quickly and in real-time.

IDF modernizes not just the look and feel but the interactions of the other applications in your environment. The javascript-based framework is a multi-user interface, single codebase architecture that’s metadata-driven.

Users love having the flexibility to adapt the software for their processes.

IDF has been used to develop several other Infor products, including EGLi, and CRMi.

Why Choose IDF?

Better Experience with a Modern UX

IDF provides a younger, more graphical interface that’s flexible and adaptable to the user’s needs. Users can create private and public views for their interface.

High Degree of Configurability

With controls down to the field level, IDF offers unparalleled configurability with the ability to create a customized interface perfect for your business.

Access Data Quickly

IDF empowers users to access data quickly, and the information pulls directly from the system. With real-time updated data, users no longer have to worry about having outdated information.

Lower IT Burden

Remove the need for IT staff with IDF.

IDF includes:

  • PowerLink, a Windows-based client for end users
  • Link Manager, a Windows client for administrative tasks
  • Net-Link, a browser-based client that is gradually replacing PowerLink
  • System-Link, an XML-based interface for transaction processing

What is EGLi?

Enterprise General Ledger for System i is a complete replacement for Infor LX Configurable Enterprise Accounting (CEA) as it includes advanced Transaction Processing (ATP), a configurable ledger, and batch transaction processing.

Experience improvements with UX, better analytics, and Infor LX application integration.


The VIRTUTEM difference means that we stand alongside you every step of the way, and we are your trusted advisor.

When you partner with VIRTUTEM, we use our IDF consultants to collaborate with you to identify the best solutions tailored to your business’s needs. We will help you leverage the power of IDF to meet your unique business requirements so that you can reach your goals.

After software deployment, we stick around to ensure it’s tested and operating correctly.

The VIRTUTEM difference involves personalized guidance for your staff on the full use of your new system and reporting processes. Hands-on attention from our professionals accelerates the process and creates a partnering relationship.

Imagine the synergy and collaboration that can transpire when all departments function seamlessly together. By exploring and incorporating IDF for your company, VIRTUTEM can help you make this a reality.