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Enhance Productivity, Increase Efficiency, And Improve Customer Engagement

There’s no doubt we are in a new world…one in which disruption rules and digital reigns. Your ability to compete depends not only on your ability to adapt, but your ability to anticipate, transform, and perform. In this world, applications are key. IT executives responsible for application software development have a great opportunity to develop apps that improve customer experience or help businesses sell more.

Our Expertise Is Second To None

Application software development is evolving into a strategic business process for many enterprises. New methods of engaging the customer have a big responsibility to provide a great experience where simplicity, ease of use and speed are only a few of the demanding expectations. As a visionary and informed business leader, you know you need an application development strategy—but figuring out where to start and finding the right partner can be a challenge.

IT executives of this new age, who are responsible for application development and delivery have a great opportunity to shift conversations with business stakeholders toward value‐delivered (e.g., how apps can improve customer experience or help business sell more), instead of haggling over the more traditional cost, scope and deadlines conversations.

Unique business challenges require more than out‐of‐the‐box solutions. VIRTUTEM has the proven success and reputation for on time, on‐budget delivery to help you overcome these challenges. We deliver tailored solutions that integrate with your existing systems and applications to enhance productivity, increase efficiency and improve customer engagement.

VIRTUTEM combines expertise in application and systems integration, UX design, enterprise mobility and cloud computing with the latest development tools and frameworks from Angular, Dart, Flutter, Groovy, Grails, Java, Micronaut, .Net, IBM and our other alliance partners to create applications that act and perform the way users expect. We have a keen understanding of the development life cycle, right from architecture design to implementation. We leverage the capabilities of a modular approach to develop client‐centric software solutions. Our team can assure smaller development cycles and quicker time to market.

How can you benefit from using VIRTUTEM‐developed applications?

Ultimately, VIRTUTEM is capable of positioning a company for the future by providing the following benefits:


  • Independence—We develop applications that are both platform and database independent, leaving your and your customers’ options open.
  • Portability—Since apps can run almost anywhere, a business can move them from local servers to cloud anytime they choose.
  • Scalability—As the customer or employee base becomes bigger, VIRTUTEM designs applications to support a business’s changing needs.
  • Integration—VIRTUTEM‐designed applications can be easily integrated with existing platforms used by your business.

What Development expertise and services does VIRTUTEM provide?

  • Front End and Back End Applications Development for various businesses sectors; Regulatory Compliance, Electronic Payments (B2B, B2C), Manufacturing Product Configuration, Proposal/Costing, Legacy Data Retention.
  • API’s, Application Integrations, SaaS Integrations, and Legacy System Integrations
  • Solution Design, Development, Monitoring, and Support; DevOps; On Premise or Cloud Hosted Deployments.
  • Technology and Platform Selection

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Work with a business and technology partner, not just a vendor. Enhancing your business is VIRTUTEM’s goal with every application development engagement.

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Get In Touch With Us

VIRTUTEM can help with the planning, design, development, testing, implementation, and support of your project. Contact us today to get started.