Zoho Vs NetSuite Vs Quickbooks

We understand that the financial health of your business is vital to its growth and success. Choosing the right financial management software is one of the most important decisions you can make for your business.

There are many excellent software options available to manage the finances of your growing business, but it’s important to make the right decisions based on your needs.

Does My Business Need a Technological Solution for more than Financial Management Software?

Both Zoho and NetSuite offer accounting options as a part of their Enterprise solutions but moving toward a larger scale change might be the right strategic change for your business at this time. 

Accounting Software or Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Solution?

First, we need to look at what is right for your business size, industry, and scope. We wrote an article about how to know if your business is getting too big for QuickBooks

QuickBooks is an excellent accounting software, but you may need an integrated solution for the entire enterprise. 

  • How many tools am I using to run my business?
  • Do I need to supplement QuickBooks with other software and spreadsheets?
  • Are managing these processes getting overwhelming?
  • How much duplicate information is floating around?
  • Are you able to easily see and measure all parts of your business?

QuickBooks offers a number of levels of functionality, and it is widely recognized as an excellent financial management tool for small businesses. It is not, however, an enterprise-level business solution.

QuickBooks vs NetSuite

The next step in the business growth process is looking for ERP software that is going to fit the needs of your growing business. NetSuite ERP and QuickBooks are designed for very different businesses. 

NetSuite ERP for Multiple Business Processes

NetSuite ERP is intended to be used to manage all business processes in one place. Like its name signals, it is intended for use amongst enterprises for business planning. It’s an integrated solution that can balance accounting with sales and project management all in one place. 

QuickBooks for Small Businesses

For many small business owners, current growth doesn’t make an ERP solution feel necessary yet.

NetSuite does have the ability to accommodate smaller businesses, and after taking a look into the future potential of your enterprise, it may or may not be the right time in your business growth to seek out a configurable ERP solution. 

Two Great Programs for Two Different Customers

It is difficult to compare NetSuite and QuickBooks, which serve very different purposes for different customers.

NetSuite ERP is an all-inclusive, enterprise-level platform that covers a wide range of aspects of business financial management, while QuickBooks is a multi-faceted financial management software.

Zoho vs NetSuite: The Real Comparison

Zoho One is a broad set of more than 40 enterprise-level applications that work collectively to run an entire business on the cloud under a single sign-on. Zoho Books is one component that may be compared to QuickBooks, however, it’s important to look at the larger ERP picture. 

Zoho One and NetSuite ERP do similar core business processes, but Zoho does have more functionality and options for small-sized businesses. 

Zoho CRM vs Netsuite CRM

The usability of the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system is often what our clients want to know about. 

While NetSuite is a favorite for companies operating in multiple locations in the manufacturing or retail industry with complex supply chains, Zoho CRM is a world-class cloud solution used across a wide variety of industries with numerous integrations. 

Zoho CRM is a highly rated cloud CRM solution used in various industries including:

  • Financial services
  • Retail
  • Consulting
  • Real estate

Over 150,000 businesses all over the world are currently using Zoho CRM for their sales and marketing efforts. 

NetSuite CRM is a flexible cloud CRM software with multiple offices in The Americas, Europe, Asia, and Africa. It’s used in several industries including:

  • Healthcare
  • Financial services
  • Manufacturing
  • Retail

Over 19,000 customers trust in their solution to provide real-time updates on their customers. 

Extended Value

NetSuite is well known, and Oracle NetSuite is one of the most recognizable brand names in ERP solutions.

For some businesses, this makes the product more desirable. Although applications for both solutions are similar, some customers do have a preference for NetSuite due to its status as an industry leader.


Interestingly, both companies license and price things differently. NetSuite users buy more add-ins to get the essentials to function.

NetSuite can have pricier charges during implementation, but this depends on the needs of your business. Zoho, however, prices their solution by the number of employees on the payroll. 

How are Other Companies Using these ERP Solutions?

NetSuite SuiteSuccess

Our clients are using NetSuite SuiteSuccess in the on-boarding of their acquisitions to quickly manage operations and integrate financial performance into enterprise solutions.

Whether it’s a manufacturing or distribution operation, NetSuite automates front and back-office processes for a complete and scalable solution. 

A Data Snapshot: One of the best NetSuite features is the ability to view and visualize company data. With just a few clicks, it’s easy to monitor complex companywide performance metrics using NetSuite.

Zoho One

Our clients using Zoho One use capabilities from sales process support, analytics, and low-code/no-code applications to electronic mail, calendaring, and a fully-functional comprehensive office suite.

Zoho One’s high-impact approach to software will provide the technology that you need to unlock productivity and enable collaboration throughout your organization.

Still Unsure which Solution is Right for Your Business?

The decision to purchase enterprise software isn’t easy, and the many options on the market may leave you with several questions throughout the process. We are here to make sure that our partners and clients make the best software decisions to reflect their growing business. 

The bottom line is Zoho One represents an extremely wide range of functionality for micro/small businesses, while Oracle NetSuite is a strategic choice for small to mid-sized businesses.  

VIRTUTEM works with Zoho One, Oracle NetSuite, Infor, and a number of other solutions vendors.

We believe that by staying technology agnostic, we remain impartial to help you make the best business decision for your business without being tied to just one type of solution or software.


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