Virtutem Reports™


When you consider the amount of data that flows into your enterprise every minute of every day from an increasing number of systems and platforms, it is a daunting task to collate it so that it becomes useful and timely information to support business decisions. The explosion of mobile and social media platforms is generating data at an exponential level, further stressing an organization’s ability to make timely, and hence meaningful, use of the data it receives.

Organizations typically turn to their IT department to seek answers.

IT departments are also struggling with this issue, do they divert resources to address each individual business request? Can they find a user report writer that they turn over to the users, or do they build their own tool sets. Traditional tool sets can no longer keep up with the demands of the users who require increasingly more powerful visualizations and manipulation of the data in order to accelerate AH-HA moments. Even when all the above are resolved, the time and costs associated with implementing potential solutions can be prohibitive.

Virtutem Reports™ can help you solve these issues.