App Idea To Implementation: How The User Experience Defines Business Application Development

Now more than ever, the business world is moving forward at an unprecedented rate. Industry leaders are selectively modernizing their technology capabilities.

Staying Relevant with Tech Capabilities

In a world that is constantly changing rapidly, consumers expect real-time, accurate, and relevant services. Successful businesses are planning and monitoring countless points of information to guide operational decisions, particularly throughout the pandemic.

A study of US consumers conducted by McKinsey shows that consumers are adopting digital channels at unprecedented rates. The use of digital solutions across industries that have typically been seen as the domain of brick and mortar locations has been consistently rising throughout the pandemic.

The Demand for Relevant Services

The sharing economy has led consumers to expect data-driven and contextually relevant services, which requires companies to be able to use collected data to drive actionable insights that serve the customers using their applications. The right business application development company can help. 

Re-Defining the User Experience with Modern API Integrations

Integrating all aspects of your business is vital for streamlining your business processes, but it also leads to benefits for your business that go beyond ease of use. 

  • Heightened security
  • Connected systems and data
  • Interaction between data and applications

What is an Application Programming Interface (API)? 

In any application, when the user or customer makes a request, the API takes that information, tells the system what to search for, and returns a set of results for the user to view. 

Think of this process like a Google search for outdoor restaurant seating: 

The API is simply a messenger between the user and the system. Users don’t need to know complex code to find a list of restaurants, and the user interface on popular applications like Google or Yelp makes it easy for the average person to find what they need intuitively.

Modern API for Every Industry

Examples are never-ending. From requesting to be picked up by a car-sharing service to dating applications, a convenient easy-to-use interface can mean the difference between customers using your application over another. 

  • Travel deals
  • Restaurant reservations
  • Profile searches

But what does this mean for business operations and applications?

  • Seamless data integrations between ERP and CRM software
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Electronic payments (B2B and B2C)

An API takes your request and returns the message from the server. Just how customers demand functionality and accurate information when they call a car, businesses demand accurate and relevant information when searching for:

  • Regulatory information
  • Dates and deadlines
  • Accurate automation
  • Simple electronic payments and invoicing

Electronic Payments (B2B, B2C)

Making electronic payment integrations work for your application can feel overwhelming. Issues from dealing with API errors to not emailing invoices or receipts to the user on time add up into a set of larger problems. Capabilities must function together.

It becomes imperative that your development company is skilled in the following areas:

  • Security and PCI Compliance 
  • Data security standards for the industry 
  • Payment processing regulations
  • Integrating with existing CRM and ERP solutions

All of these accuracy features must also be combined with a user interface that is easy to use and simple to implement for the customer, client, or person using the application. This person may or may not have technical training. 

Optimizing Your Company Resources with a Custom Business Application

Customer retention is a byproduct of having a satisfied customer. Too much wasted time can make the difference between users using the functionalities of the application or not. 

What would it mean for your company productivity if everyone could complete an additional task or job every day? Optimizing existing resources and delivering real-time information with the help of a business application development company can make productivity soar.

1. Clear Communication

Communication errors cost precious time, and time is a finite resource. By consolidating frequently asked questions into selected processes, there is less room for error.

2. Timely Information

With information that regularly updates in real-time, businesses have the most accurate picture available of current processes and statuses.

3. Accurate Results

An important part of the development process is analyzing feedback. Are the results offering a return on the application development investment? Applications should be dependable. 

Users want real-time payments, real-time information, real-time processing, and real-time solutions to problems that they encounter by using APIs that seamlessly integrate different pieces of information needed by the user. 

Successful Implementation and the Development Lifecycle

IT executives who are responsible for the software development process have a great opportunity to:

  • Develop applications that improve processes
  • Elevate business processes
  • Create sustainable profits
  • Continue developing the user experience over time

Unique business challenges require more than out‐of‐the‐box solutions. The user experience depends on removing the excess that companies or industries do not need while delivering the simplest version of what brings about success, efficiency, and profitability.

At the end of the day, executives need to ask the following question about recently implemented technologies. 

Does this application effectively propel the company toward our business goals? 

It’s important to choose a business application development company with proven success and a reputation for on-time, on‐budget delivery to help you overcome these challenges. 

Developers should deliver tailored solutions that integrate with your existing systems and applications to enhance productivity, increase efficiency, and improve customer engagement.


VIRTUTEM is a business application development company located in Chicago, Illinois. VIRTUTEM focuses on growth-oriented companies in the Chicagoland area and beyond. We have a keen understanding of the application development life cycle, from architecture design to implementation. We leverage the capabilities of a modular approach to develop client‐centric software solutions. Our team can assure smaller development cycles and quicker time to market.