Unlocking Productivity And Working Collaboratively With Zoho One Communication Tools

The global pandemic forced many companies to quickly learn how to work remotely as a part of a larger team. Despite the distance, teams across the world are quickly realizing that the software of today doesn’t require an office space to maintain crystal clear communication. 

Zoho One is designed for teams of all sizes to work collaboratively while social distancing – whether that’s six feet or six time zones away.

Below, we’ve assembled the communication tools Zoho has to offer your business.

Zoho One V1

Check off Action Items with Zoho Projects

Zoho Projects is the main hub for everything project management. It’s the perfect place to:

  • Tackle ongoing action items
  • Assign project segments to team members
  • Define project roles
  • Implement internal strategies
  • Change project statuses

Combine these customizable features with integrated time tracking capabilities, and your team won’t miss a task again. 

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

The CRM will help with capturing all the required information to provide a 360-degree view of customer interests and preferences. Your team can identify, understand, manage, and cater to the business needs of prospects and existing customers by:

  • Building long-term relationships with customers
  • Interacting and engaging with clients regularly
  • Managing the sales and marketing process

The best part of integrating your team with Zoho CRM is that all employees can view and understand the diverse needs of your customers. 

Provide Additional Customer Support with Zoho Desk

Zoho Desk is web-based help desk software that gives you the ability to manage your customer support activities efficiently. Zoho Desk allows you to assign, track and set up alerts on help desk tickets easily. You can even customize Zoho Desk for your business and ensure satisfaction in your customer support experience.

Always be there to provide timely updates and offer customer support through Zoho’s library of customizable automations. 

Personal Connections Make Your Team Great

Cliq to Chat

From quick attachments to fun emojis and gifs, let your team know exactly what’s going on in real time with Zoho’s integrated chat function. 

Cliq can also be used for checking in for remote work or even viewing a livestream of your team. Don’t forget to tell the team when you’re going to grab a coffee. There’s even an “out to lunch” button and a “open for collaboration” setting just like keeping your real office door open.

Connect Your Teams

Zoho Connect makes it easy to make sure everyone is on the same page. 

  • Organize entire teams and departments
  • Develop a platform for idea-sharing and open communication
  • Pool resources and information to build a knowledge base for your team

Your HR Department Will Thank You

Zoho People makes it easy for Human Resources Professionals and employees to manage employee data in Zoho. Employees can also request time off by filling out one of the integrated Zoho Forms

By keeping track of employee data in one place, employees can view their own information at any time, eliminating many administrative questions for HR professionals.

Communication in one Place

The benefit of integrating across departments and processes is bringing your company voice and culture to all aspects of your business. Deliver timely communication between employees, supervisors, and contractors. Give your customers the attention they deserve.

Countless Additional Integrated Features

Never forget a password again with Zoho Vault. Send out customer satisfaction surveys to your clients with Zoho Survey. Plan any number of events using Zoho Backstage to manage registration and payments. Connect credit cards to Zoho Expense and import credit card statements to click and convert statements into expense reports. Zoho caters to your every business need. 

All of these capabilities and more are integrated into one program where they are easily accessible for each team member. 

Highly Customizable

The best thing about Zoho One is that these features are all at your fingertips, and you can decide if using them is right for your processes. VIRTUTEM can also assist in making sure your communication tools are set up properly through our years of experience. 


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