“It’s reassuring to know that there is a professional consulting company we can count on if we need help. VIRTUTEM (Software Alliance Corporation) delivered on time and within budget and we appreciate their efforts on our behalf.”


Toyota-Boshoku America, Inc. is a multinational company that develops and sells automotive interior systems, automotive interior products, automotive filters, powertrain components, other automotive components, and fabric goods. The company used RRMS 19.2 to support a multi-company environment and needed to transfer the ownership of ten multi-national and multi-currency operations, comprised of both US and Mexican currency companies, within a 2-7 month timeframe. 


Toyota wanted to have the old companies archived as new company numbers and kept for future reference. The old company’s financials needed to be scrubbed to represent the start date of new ownership. Previously-owned companies needed to continue to operate with the same company number, under new ownership status, and sometimes a different name. Each company needed to be retained as a separate entity with separate libraries to store data and job description information. 


Toyota-Boshoku America, Inc. chose VIRTUTEM (Software Alliance Corporation) to help implement this change in multiple company ownership and provide easy access to financial history data. VIRTUTEM consultants: 

  • Created timelines and completed written plans for each company 
  • Created the new companies in PRMS: 
  • wrote the programs necessary to copy data from old to new company numbers change the company number field (CMPNO) within PRMS 
  • ensured that the logical file pointed to the correct physical file members

VIRTUTEM sets up system user environments, such as: 

  • a library list for each new company – job descriptions in each company’s library 
  • access to the correct libraries of the new company 

A process change “test run” was successfully completed at the time of prior month-end closings. After the archival process of each company was completed, general ledger data was cleared to ensure that companies were ready for new ownership status. Changes were also made to the company name in various parts of the PRMS system (i.e., system control, general ledger, warehouse name, open PO) since previous company names were changed at the time of new ownership. 


The process of changing and reassigning company ownership entities within PRMS went smoothly, and the project was completed on time and within budget. Toyota’s multi-company PRMS financial systems environment was set up properly to allow the company to move forward successfully after the ownership cut-off date. History data was saved and stored to allow systems’ users to access complete copies of each company’s history before and after the change in ownership occurred. 

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