State Of Infor LX 2023

For over a decade, VIRTUTEM has been the premier consulting company offering ERP Consulting services in North America for Infor’s LX, BPCS, and PRMS products.

After speaking with clients, colleagues, and other Infor LX users, we started noticing a shift in Infor LX users. We contacted a group of Infor LX users to gather information about the State of Infor LX for 2023.

Key Findings

Below are some of the biggest takeaways from our State of Infor LX survey results.

A Large Number of Infor LX Users are Over the Age of 55

Let’s start with the general age of Infor LX users. We found in our results that 50% of respondents were over 55.

In contrast, only 14% of Infor LX users are between 25 and 35.

We’ve identified that while some Infor LX users are aging into retirement, there’s a large contingency in the 35-44 (21%) age range that are knowledgeable, experienced, and prepared to lead the future of Infor LX.

Infor LX Users are Getting Younger

When asked about trends, our Infor LX user respondents highlighted that the average age of users at their company is getting younger. 50% of respondents noted that they’ve seen Infor LX users retire, and at the same time, those companies have re-hired those positions, putting in younger talent.

Even more interesting is that only 7% of respondents noted that they’ve replaced their Infor LX users with Artificial Intelligence solutions. This tells us that businesses would rather train and hire newer, younger Infor LX users than replace them with AI.

Since 2018, 57% of respondents noticed that the overall age of Infor LX users has decreased while only 14% has increased. Both charts highlight that companies continue hiring younger talents even though many Infor LX users are still within retirement age.

Years of Experience Amongst Infor LX Users Varies

Despite the age disparity, how much experience Infor LX users have with the product varies. 50% of employees were over 55, and only 33% had over ten years of experience.

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