Case Study – Manufacturing ERP Update


The update occurred while our client, Intermatic was experiencing their busiest year ever and a corporate headquarters move all during the pandemic. VIRTUTEM upgraded their 2001 version of BPCS software to Infor LX 8.4, and went live in April 2021, in an uneventful manner. Production, invoicing and other day-to-day business operations to continue without disruption.


Intermatic is a global leader in simple, affordable controls with products covering a wide range of solutions. If you’ve seen the yellow dial on a timer device, it’s likely an Intermatic product. 

For more than 20 years, Intermatic relied on Infor LX (formerly BPCS) as their ERP; running the system on their own, using software modifications to support their business needs. During the last 10 years, they were solely responsible for the system, including maintenance. 


Intermatic found itself version-locked due to many modifications. As a result, the old version of LX halted other systems’ ability to upgrade, and if employees retired, Intermatic would have a difficult time replacing these older skillsets. The time had come to upgrade their ERP. 

Virtutem Software Development


Tapping into our wisdom and candor, we respectfully educated our clients on the benefits of upgrading their system, including: more modern information, bigger fields, being more relevant to their business, more reliant on Infor LX rather than outside systems, and using base software to take advantage of continuous improvements from Infor. 

As an experienced Infor Alliance Partner, we were able to lead collaborative efforts between Intermatic’s IT department and Infor, positively influence the outcome by bringing all the parties together, guide the end result of coming back on maintenance and secure a higher involvement and commitment from Infor for our clients.

Intermatic decided it was time to become more modern, utilize the knowledge base, take advantage of the base product that now included many of their modifications, and the ability of Infor to help them move forward. 


Back on the leading edge of technology, Intermatic enjoys: improved operational efficiencies, peace of mind with current software and hardware support available, improved interfacing with their other programs, and getting people up to speed quickly with modern software. 

Intermatic has the ability to optimize and become more efficient at what they do. They can move forward better, faster, and easier when new abilities come out or Infor puts other things on top of Infor LX. VIRTUTEM strives to do better and as a result, Intermatic has more opportunities than they had before.

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