Is Your ERP “Green Screen” Causing Inefficiencies?

Ask Yourself These Questions to Find Out

Are answers to client inquiries slow because customer service personnel must open multiple screens to locate data? Are executives and directors unable to find the details they need on a single screen? Can your business leaders access the operational information from their mobile devices? If various people within your organization are expressing frustration with the existing ERP system, there may be opportunities for improvement. 

ERP systems have been around for decades, and while enterprise software solution providers have evolved their offerings, many manufacturing and industrial businesses are still relying on legacy ERP systems that have not been properly updated. These legacy systems include “green screens”, which are viewed by some industry professionals as problematic.

“While knowledgeable data entry pros are nimble with green screens on the warehouse and manufacturing floor, younger workers across other departments tend to prefer ERP Systems with Graphical User Interfaces (GUI),” explains Jax Jenkinson, VP of Sales at VIRTUTEM. “What many people don’t realize is that Infor LX 8.3.5 and beyond enables companies to utilize both green screen and GUI within their operations. There are organizations who have been using BPCS, Infor LX, or ERP LX, since the 1980’s, and they have an opportunity to make upgrades that could provide greater application functionality. These upgrades can translate to improved operations workflows, employee efficiency, and better business intelligence for faster and more accurate decision-making.”

IT departments tend to be hyper-aware of the newer technologies that expand ERP system functionality, enable easier integration to Webstores, Analytics, and other advanced systems. Still, some have run into roadblocks with green screen technology and what it traditionally offers. “You cannot use newer technologies from Infor (ION, IDF, Ming.le®) with the OS stack of green screens, which is what presents the problem for these organizations who want to modernize and improve their operations,” continues Jenkinson. “As customer and business requirements change, the need to make these upgrades grows. Therefore, efforts are best spent working with pros who can help your organization work around the limitations of green screen technology.”

It’s critical for manufacturers to be able to adopt newer and better technology when there are changes in customer and business requirements. “Organizations can sometimes feel apprehension or reluctance to upgrade due to a sense of ‘version-lock’,” shares Jolene Williamson, Manager of ERP Services at VIRTUTEM and newly appointed Board Member of the independent Infor LX User Group. “Over the years, many companies did their own modifications to their ERP System, which makes it challenging in some cases for them to upgrade. What people don’t realize is that we can help them ‘bite the bullet’ and make the necessary upgrades that will enable them to take advantage of some truly incredible functionality.”

Are you asking questions within your organization about how to be focused on continuous improvement? How to achieve key company KPIs? How to attract and retain talented professionals? Asking these questions are the key to breaking out of the mindset of “this is what we have and we’re going to live with it.”

“People don’t even realize they can do things more quickly and efficiently, until I meet with them and show them all the newer things that they can use that might help solve their problems much easier than what they’re doing now,” continues Williamson. “Our team at VIRTUTEM looks at organizations’ existing ERP systems and helps them through the upgrade. We can help with the necessary customizations to get them up to date. And we make it pretty painless.”

Companies can make efficiency improvements by upgrading their ERP Systems to the Infor LX version and configuring their interfaces for optimal performance.

As a leader within your organization, your job is to determine if and how your green screen may be causing inefficiencies and learn what you can do about it. Consider scheduling an Infor LX consulting session to discover how VIRTUTEM can support you through a smooth ERP system upgrade.


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