The cancellation, due to COVID-19, of the inPOWER 2020 User Conference scheduled for May 17 – 19, came as no surprise.

However, the LX User Group Board wanted to ensure that the Infor LX community still had access to some of the sessions scheduled for the conference. Therefore, working in collaboration with Infor, the LX User Group has decided to bring some of the content to you via webinars….for free…you don’t have to fly!

The Infor LX roadmap and its achievement will be the first webinar with three more to follow. What are those other topics you ask? Well, that will be up to Infor LX Community, namely you and your fellow Infor LX users. In the coming days, there will be a poll on the website for you to pick your number one topic. From that poll, the top three will be chosen and presented on May 18th or 19th via webinar… did I mention it’s all free?

Vicky Kuntz, Infor LX User Group Board Member, said, “The Infor LX InPower Remote 2020 event is an excellent opportunity to continue your Infor LX growth, knowledge, and to stay current with Infor LX advancements without leaving the comfort of your desk.”

If you are not a member of the community, join now…you can still social distance and join. Join right here… ….right now and join the fun….join the blog…have discussions about your ideas…submit ideas for enhancements….JUST JOIN.

Based on the input for the poll, the Infor LX Board may entice a few more people to present and cover additional important topics via webinar in the upcoming months.

If you need some additional training on various Infor LX subjects, call VIRTUTEM at +1 630.299.4618 or email us at and let us see how we can help you during these challenging times.