Infor LX 8.4 Upgrade Expands Operational & Productivity Boundaries

We normally avoid hyperbole when describing the benefits of a particular ERP system, but the latest Infor LX update (version 8.4.1) is a potential game-changer for organizations of all sizes and scopes.  

The unanimous verdict of our consultants – most of whom possess over 20 years of Infor experience – is that the new upgrade pushes the boundaries of what businesses can achieve in terms of employee productivity and satisfaction. It also represents a quantum leap forward in the delivery of real-time information used in decisions affecting all aspects of an organization’s operations – from sales and marketing to financials and procurement.

Outdated System and the Risks of “Getting By”

Many organizations – and small businesses in particular – feel as though “getting by” with their current operational systems is the best they can do. They may be longtime Infor users who, due to budgetary or other constraints, haven’t updated their technology in many years.

Or, they rely on a combination of disparate, non-integrated software programs and simply can’t find the time or resources to consider how ERP might change their business model.  

The reasons why aren’t really important. Maybe it’s simply an over-reliance on doing things way they’ve always been done. We understand the temptation to keep things status quo but, in today’s hyper-competitive marketplace, organizations that voluntarily sit still risk irrelevancy…or worse.

Non-Supported Systems/Software

Danger avoidance is built into our DNA. Ideally, it should be an essential part of your business operation as well.

And yet, many organizations out there are operating with systems and software that are no longer supported by the manufacturer or developer. Why is this a problem? It jeopardizes an entity’s established disaster recovery plans. The danger lies in the fact that outdated software will not run on new machines (or vice versa).    

Complicating matters further are distinct market trends that will continue to put pressure on organizations’ ability to compete and be profitable. Combined, these risks create an environment where it’s very likely the right time to explore whether Infor LX’s versatility is right for your operations.

Balancing the Needs of New and Experienced Employees

We see first-hand the trouble organizations have when it comes to finding younger employees who possess the skill sets to operate older systems. Times change, but this remains one of the top challenges facing businesses.

Besides a demonstrated preference for using cutting-edge systems, skilled employees now entering the workforce are also more comfortable working remotely and with multiple devices. They’re also not as willing to relocate for a professional position.

On the flipside, it is not enough to simply upgrade to a new platform in order to attract these newer employees. You must also avoid alienating your current staff members or negatively affecting their productivity.

Here’s where Infor LX’s versatile workstation capabilities enter the picture: Infor offers customized solutions capable of meeting the information delivery preferences of all your employees – from the text-focused approach normally utilized in manufacturing to a modern “dashboard” layout often preferred in areas such as sales/marketing and communications.  

Real-Time Information Boosts Operational Performance

Information is power. Infor LX delivers the information you need in real-time and improves operations at every level of an organization.  Examples include:

  • Finance:  Were we profitable today?  Monitor how day-to-day operations affect the bottom line.
  • Sales: Have we met our targets?   Benchmark weekly/monthly/quarterly/annual sales goals and measure daily progress.
  • Procurement:  Are delivery schedules on-time?  Look ahead at how potential delays might impact operations and act to address possible issues.

The bottom line is that Infor LX helps turbocharge operations throughout every corner of your organization.

Where to Begin?

It is relatively easy to see how Infor LX can transform an organization’s operations. Determining the best way to proceed with customized system design and implementation that to meet the specific needs of your particular enterprise is where things become hazy.

Whether you are a current Infor user ready to implement the latest upgrade or an organization preparing to make the jump to Infor, these updates often require a complete revamp of existing operations. And, quite frankly, a lot of IT departments out there are comprised of small teams whose members who are not experienced in server networking/maintenance or cloud operations.

In these situations, you’ll want a steady, experienced hand that focuses on the technology side of things while you focus on your business. Moreover, it is vitally important that the resulting system update/upgrade achieves stated goals.

As an Infor Alliance Partner, VIRTUTEM offers unique insights and strategies that help organizations of all sizes leverage data for maximum effectiveness. Our consultants possess decades of practical, hands-on experience developing optimal business practices and the Infor infrastructure necessary to help you succeed.  

We take the time to learn about your organization’s capabilities and operational structure, configure system implementations around them, and then provide follow-up system training for your personnel.

There’s never been a better time to consider an Infor upgrade. Let our expertise Inform your future success.


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