Infor LX Townhall - Opportunity To Start Upgrading Your Software

Infor held their always-informative Infor LX Town Hall Tuesday morning, April 7. David Rapacz, Infor LX Product Manager, did a great job, joined by Lisa Kasabian, Senior Manager, LX Development, presenting the future of Info LX along with options for 8.3.5 and 8.4.

There are many things you can achieve now with your versions of 8.3.5 and 8.4 without incurring significant expenditures. You can start utilizing Infor OS to gain organization abilities. You can begin eliminating modifications to allow thoughts of the cloud ability. You can begin using IDF and get your people excited about something other than Green Screen and ready to move on to other options.

The use of Infor OS gives new abilities for the look and feel of information and the way it’s sorted and presented in the way you need it the most.

So even if you cannot upgrade at this time, there are things like Infor OS and IDF that you can start using to improve your ability to get information in and out of LX. You can get rid of all those Queries written to give users data how they want it…use IDF to increase the options and the ability to view the information in multiple ways without having to ask IT.

See what your fellow employees are doing on problems that you share for manufacturing or procurement. Find out when something new happens or gets created as it happens. In today’s environment, it is so essential to be linked throughout the company remotely yet working to resolve common issues or problems.

As the world recovers from the current situation, VIRTUTEM can help you with any of these options and take your system as far as you need.