Groovy And Grails Consulting

Providing Specialized Development Services


Our Experience is Your Success

Our team of Groovy and Grails experts bring extensive business and development experience. This unique perspective allows our team to not only design amazing solutions, we also ask the right questions to ensure the solutions we develop meet your business needs.

Groovy and Grails

VIRTUTEM has utilized the Groovy and Grails frameworks for nearly a decade–starting with version 1.3.7. Our application development team have worked on projects large and small, where our developed solutions were the central business application for the business to applications that integrated with other solutions to augment software already within an organization.

Our expertise in software development and systems integrations, gives us the ability to design, develop, and deploy solutions that will meet your business needs. Being platform and technology agnostic, we can choose which technology stack will deliver the best solution for your project. We can help you figure our where to start and turn your vision into reality.

How can you benefit from using VIRTUTEM‐developed applications?

Ultimately, VIRTUTEM is capable of positioning a company for the future by providing the following benefits:

  • Independence—We develop applications that are both platform and database independent, leaving your and your customers’ options open.
  • Portability—Since apps can run almost anywhere, a business can move them from local servers to cloud anytime they choose.
  • Scalability—As the customer or employee base becomes bigger, VIRTUTEM designs applications to support a business’s changing needs.
  • Integration—VIRTUTEM‐designed applications can be easily integrated with existing platforms used by your business.

What does VIRTUTEM bring to the table?

  • VIRTUTEM can provide all aspects of your software development needs–from project management, design and development, quality assurance, and infrastructure.
  • Additionally, VIRTUTEM can provide resources for staff augmentation to bring our expertise where needed in an existing development project.