“It’s reassuring to know that there is a professional consulting company we can count on if we need help. VIRTUTEM (Software Alliance Corporation) delivered on time and within budget and we appreciate their efforts on our behalf.”


FuelCell Energy, Inc. maximized profits of the company by: 

  • Helping users perform their jobs more effectively and efficiently 
  • Providing necessary education and training 
  • Effecting needed program changes so that users could perform their jobs smoothly


FuelCell Energy, Inc. designs, manufactures, sells, installs, and services ultra-clean, highly efficient stationary fuel cell power plants for distributed baseload power generation. These power plants generate electricity with up to twice the efficiency of conventional fossil fuel plants – and with virtually no air pollution. FuelCell Energy, Inc. is a leader in the development and manufacture of stationary fuel cell power plants for commercial, industrial, government, and utility applications. FuelCell Energy, Inc. is a growing company, and requirements and business needs are changing rapidly. FuelCell Energy, Inc. uses PRMS version 9.2 as an ERP system. They have been in need of any additional reports and programs that PRMS did not provide. They have also needed education and training on PRMS for a refresher of current employees, new employees, and also in areas not previously used that were now needed.


FuelCell Energy, Inc. needed to improve their defined business practices and meet the IT needs of their PRMS users, and they chose VIRTUTEM. (Software Alliance Corporation) to help them get this done. THE SOLUTION VIRTUTEM consultants are in an ongoing project centered on building the internal capability in improvement methodologies in all areas of PRMS. To this end, VIRTUTEM’S consultants have been involved in the development of: 

  • Down payment invoicing is creating invoicing programs that allow for down payment collection and invoices for these down payments. 
  • Consignment processing programming where consignment inventory is received into a consign Warehouse, and an inventory transaction is created when used. 
  • Implement electronic interface of QCPC orders to PRMS inventory 
  • Implement freight bill processing with the third-party vendor – interfacing the freight billing into PRMS and providing files for the third party about freight 
  • Create a Material Requirements Planning (MRP) only company for MRP testing, and what if 
  • Program and screen modifications for Purchasing, Accounts Payable, Order Entry screens have been changed to help users with their job requirements 
  • Program modifications and interfacing of Kronos into PRMS 
  • Positive pay programs were done for Accounts Payable and the bank 
  • Support for foreign currency based FuelCell companies

They have also been involved in helping with the installation and programming of Orbesoft (barcoding software). FuelCell needed to be able to scan product numbers into the system using barcoding for Receiving, Inventory Transactions, and Adjustments and Shipping. They also needed to be able to create labels with barcoding. And finally, they have helped in the education and training in many areas of PRMS, including financials, order entry, purchasing, material requirements planning, capacity requirements planning, distribution requirements planning, and warehouse replenishment orders.


With VIRTUTEM’S involvement, FuelCell Energy, Inc. continues to improve its understanding of the business and business models in the ERP/PRMS arena. Users are also continually being helped by the training and education to do their job more efficiently and continue to get reports, necessary programs, and screen changes in a timely manner to enable them to do their job more efficiently. With VIRTUTEM’S help, the company continues to drive improvements throughout the organization. 


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