What Is the Difference Between ERP Installation vs. Implementation?

Our recent blog, ERP Implementation Tips for Overcoming In-House Operational Challenges and Resistance to Organizational Cultural Change, lists some of our best pointers for a successful transition to Cloud-based ERP systems. 

One of our recommendations is to work with an ERP partner who understands your organization. There are two ways to approach ERP: installation vs. implementation. System installation is a one-step process that often leaves the end customer (you) to figure out how to make it work.  Implementation, meanwhile, involves highly-skilled partner/providers working closely with their customers (again, you) to:

  • Build a system best-suited to your specific needs.
  • Test it thoroughly.
  • Provide training for the employees who will operate it.

To help explain further, we created an infographic comparing the two: 

Research completed by LMA Consulting Group indicates that only 20% of ERP implementations fully achieve desired results.  However, if done properly, ERP implementation can transform a company’s operations.  Make sure you work with a group that is fully-vested in your success and will do what it takes to help reach your goals.