A Cloud ERP Solution For Food And Beverage Manufacturers

The food and beverage manufacturing industry is one of the most saturated, highly competitive industries out there. Food and beverage manufacturers struggle to keep their technology up to pace with the quickly evolving and ever-changing tastes of its customers. These manufacturers also need a system that can handle all their multinational needs – products often being produced in several countries and distributed worldwide.

Many food and beverage manufacturers have separate systems for ingredient sourcing, fulfillment, inventory management, production planning, quality management, accounting, customer service, and more. These disparate systems require a large amount of IT support and maintenance, while also limiting the brands potential for growth by being overly complex and causing significant inefficiencies. In addition, the disconnected systems limit visibility into business operations and the ability for tracking and tracing. Limiting any amount of tracking will restrict a company’s ability to manage product quality and ensure they are complying with industry standards. These older, legacy systems are also not flexible enough to react to changes in market preferences and consumer tastes.

Food and beverage manufacturers need an ERP System they can rely on so that they can focus on creating new, innovative products for consumers. So what is the solution?

An Excellent Cloud ERP Solution for Food and Beverage Manufacturers:

Oracle NetSuite’s agile, cloud-based ERP system removes all the obstacles detailed above. Experts agree that a cloud-based ERP system allows for scalability and growth that the legacy ERP systems cannot. Oracle NetSuite is also an agile software, in that it is flexible and can quickly address a large range of “business scenarios, production complexities, tracing regulations, B2B and B2C channel strategies, and complex supplier networks”.

A cloud-based ERP system, like Oracle NetSuite, is the winning solution for food and beverage businesses today. Oracle NetSuite is perfect for food and beverage manufacturers of all sizes- from the largest enterprises to the smallest startups. Oracle NetSuite allows manufacturers to streamline the application maintenance and upgrade – so that they are all done effortlessly through the cloud as opposed to disruptive on-premise upgrades.