Virtutem is an agile consulting company that specializes in ERP Software and web application development. Virtutem supports many ERP software solutions from various software vendors, including Infor's INFOR LX, BPCS and PRMS. We have a wealth of consulting experience with these software applications in many industry verticals, as well as in Discrete and Process industries. Our consulting services include operational, functional, and technical expertise.

As an Infor Alliance Partner, Virtutem is ideally placed to assist companies that run their business on Infor's BPCS, ERP LX and PRMS solutions. Furthermore, this partnership ensures that we can continue to offer our clients the appropriate guidance and services to maximize their existing solution, upgrade to newer versions, or migrate to a new solution that better matches the business needs for today and the future. Virtutem, still remains as Infor's only business partner for PRMS services in North America.

In addition to our ERP services, we develop and support web applications for a diverse set of companies in many industries. This part of our business continues to evolve in response to the growth of cloud technologies and infrastructure. We currently develop, support and deploy solutions on Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, and various private label cloud infrastructures. This expertise, when combined with our ERP and general business knowledge, gives us a unique insight to resolving the most complex technical and business issues using the latest development tools and frameworks. 

Virtutem is a team of experienced consultants and technologists that bring in-depth real world experiences to today's business problems.

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