Have you just upgraded to a new version and need to bring everyone up to speed? Do you suspect that there are time or money-saving features in the software that users just don’t know about? Have you added staff to keep up with all your work, but there’s so much to do that nobody has time to train them? Have you had to lay off staff and the remaining employees are unfamiliar with the installed applications?

Virtutem’s on-site BPCS® and PRMS™ Education Services are reasonably priced. They’re designed to convey information in a very practical, straightforward manner. Classes typically devote 30% of their time to hands-on workshops, with the balance spent on relating concepts, workflows, and formulas. Virtutem’s teaching staff of BPCS and PRMS experts draw upon their years of diverse experience with the software to present the information in a vivid and practical way.

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